Arpason - José Francisco Dominguez Sosa - Bogdan Djukic - Ramón Chongo Raymon


Woven passion soaked in soft notes...

From the soul’s depths are snatched mystic sounds; it’s your soul and mine, a soul which is reflected in each note played, clear and soft, sometimes melancholic, sometimes festive, but never empty!

And this is how this peculiar group is united, with the exquisite contribution of strings and percussion along the spirit’s pathways to deliver its passion: Cuban passion ,Gypsy passion, Mexican passion closely joined, fused, and rich in interpretation, with a unique seal: harp, violin and percussion.


José Francisco Dominguez Sosa was born in Poza Rica, Veracruz, México, and has a 150 year-old family tradition in harp. He started playing this instrument at the age of 15, being supervised initially by his great-grandfather, Julián Sosa. Later he perfected his technique in Jalapa, with Professor Alberto de la Rosa. He has worked as an Ethnic Roots researcher in Boca del Río, Veracruz, as conductor of the choir “Coro del Ilustre Instituto Veracruzano”, conductor of the harp, string and voices band (Grupo Arpas, Cuerdas y Voces) in Veracruz, and is the current conductor of the band called Arpason. He’s participated in the Second Latinamerican Harp Encounter (SELDA) in Mexico, the Third Latinamerican Harp Encounter (TELDA) in Venezuela, the Fourth Encounter (CELDA), Celtic Harp Encounter in Arlington, Texas, three National Harp Encounters. He’s performed in important Concert Halls such as the theatre “Teatro Francisco Javier Clavijero” (Veracruz, Mexico), the Roses Conservatory “Conservatorio de las Rosas” (Michoacan, Mexico), concert hall “Sala Nezahualcoyotl” (Mexico City), “Palacio del Arzobispado” (Mexico City), Performance Hall (Dallas, Texas), and at the concert hall of “Universidad Simon Bolivar” (Caracas, Venezuela).

In March 2006 was invited for Lajazzo (the Brandemburg youth Jazz band Orchestra) to accompany for some concerts in Mexico.

In June participated in several concerts like representative of Mexico into the Worldcup Championships Germany 2006.

Violin and percussion

Bogdan Djukic born and raised in Yugoslavia, Bogdan studied at the Music Academy of Belgrade where he won first prize in three national violin championships. After receiving a grant to study music in Canada, Bogdan moved there in 1999. He studied classical violin performance on scholarship at the Royal Conservatory of Music until 2004.

He performance in Canada and united states with several artists like Aretha Franklin and Hilario Duran. He participed in several soundtracks for movies and insome festival like Jazz festival of Montreal. He has extensive performance experience in klezmer and Yiddish music, classical music, Mexican Mariachi music, Cuban music, Celtic music and Serbian folk music. Bogdan has been playing with Beyond the Pale since fall 2000, and joined the band permanently in fall 2001(bowfire).


Ramón Chongo Raymon was born in Placeta, province of Villa Clara in Cuba. He graduated from the National Institute “Instituto Nacional de Villa Clara de Músicos Profesionales” obtaining his percussionist degree. He has participated in Homage to sonero Mayor Miguelito Cuni and the Jazz Plaza Festival in La Habana, Cuba, Homage to Gustavo Rodríguez (Santa Clara, Cuba), the Palm Carnival Canary Islands, Spain), International Festival of Puebla (Puebla, Mexico), Homage to Jorge Mabarak (Veracruz, Mexico).

He’s given percussion clinics in the two National Encounters of Percussionists organized by “Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla” (BUAP), and he’s performed at important forums both in Cuba and Mexico such as the “Teatro Reforma” (Veracruz, Mexico), “Teatro de la Ciudad” (Puebla, Mexico) and Hardrock Life (Mexico City).

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